Obtenir l'ajustement parfait pour votre soutien-gorge en 6 étapes par Marie Jo

Get the perfect fit for your bra in 6 steps by Marie Jo

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Many women wear the wrong size bra. You too ? In 6 steps , you'll never wear the wrong size again and feel stylish and confident with the perfect bra. Hesitations about how to find your perfect bra size ? Let a lingerie specialist take your measurements in store.


1. Check the back first

At first glance, you might think that it's the cups that support your breasts, but in truth, maintaining a bra is mainly in the back strap . Indeed, the back of your bra carries up to 80% of the weight of your breasts. If it's not snug enough, your chest won't be supported enough. Does the band pinch your back? Then your bra is not comfortable because this band cuts into your skin.

Advice : attach your bra to the hook in the middle and try to pass three fingers under the fastener. Can you do it? And if you raise your arms, the back band does not go up? Then you are wearing the right size.


2. Test the armature technique

If you wear an underwired bra, check to see if the underwire goes well below your breasts and lies flat on your sternum. Not sure how to find your ideal bra size with underwiring? Press your hands against the underwire . They return to their original position, cut into your chest or hurt your armpits? Then you're not wearing the right size or fit. Do they fit your body well? In this case, your bra fits perfectly.


3. Check the fit between the cups

The cleavage of a bra is the part between your breasts that connects the two cups . If you're wearing a well-fitting bra, this piece of fabric should lie flat against your breastbone. The cleavage yawns slightly and does not touch your skin? If so, your cup size and/or chest size is too small or you are wearing a cut that does not correspond 100% to your morphology and your breasts.


4. Find your ideal bra size by checking the cups!

Does the brim of the cups hug your upper chest properly and does the fabric wrap around your breasts without creasing? Then you are wearing the right size bra. If your chest does not fully fill the cups or if the fabric puckers, try a smaller cup size. If the outline of the cups indents your skin, so that your breasts "overflow" at the top or the sides, this is a sign that your bra is too small.

This size problem is not at all flattering and is also called "quadriboob" because it creates the effect of cutting the chest in two. To be avoided absolutely, especially since this phenomenon of cut breasts is very visible under tight-fitting blouses or dresses.


5. Run two fingers between your shoulders and your suspenders

Did you know that your bra straps only provide 10% of total support? Your bra straps should absolutely not pinch or cut your skin, but should rest on your shoulders. All Marie Jo braces have a soft finish.

Advice : if you can slip two fingers between your suspenders and your shoulders, it's a sign that they are properly adjusted.


6. How do you feel in your bra?

A beautiful bra worn in the right size will make you feel stylish and confident the moment you put it on. If you've completed all of our checklist checks, take a moment to Think about how you feel in your lingerie . You might be wearing the right size, but you're missing that little bit extra that makes the difference. With the help of expert advice from a lingerie stylist, find the cuts and looks that suit your style and taste and that make you feel good from the first second!

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