Guide des tailles européenes, américaines et françaises par Marie Jo

European, American and French size guide by Marie Jo

All the women who wear Marie Jo lingerie of high quality radiate elegance. But on one condition: that they wear the right size bra . On the label of your bra, there are usually three different symbols: EU, US and FR. These abbreviations correspond to European, American and French bra sizes. 

What are the differences ? How to calculate your US size? And what is the best size system to use? Our Marie Jo lingerie stylists will explain everything to you in detail.

MJ - French & European maten

Your European and French size

In Belgium, many women use the European size. Your usual bra size consists of a number and a letter: your bust measurement and your cup size.

What is the difference between a European and French bra size ?

  • the size of the chest circumference Do you wear 90 in European chest size? So add 15 centimeters to this size. This is how you get your French size, which is 105.
  • cup size The cup size is identical in the French and European system. Do you wear 90C in EU size? In this case, your FR size is 105C.
MJ - Amerikaanse bh-maten

Your US size

Anglo-Saxon clothing sizes are given in inches, not centimeters. The same goes for the US bra size. What's more, this size corresponds to a completely different system of measurement.

How to calculate your US size?

  • the size of the chest circumference Measure your bust under your breasts and add 5 inches. If you arrive at an odd number, round it up to an even number. The end result is your bust measurement. Do you wear a 75 in European chest size? This size fits a 34 inch chest circumference
  • cup size Your US cup size is calculated like your usual European bra size: the difference between the circumference measured at the fullest part of your breasts and the circumference measured below your breasts. Please note that from the E cup, the US sizing system uses double letters. A European E cup is equivalent to an American DD cup. And our dear F cup is an American E cup.

What is the best size system to use?

In Canada, we primarily use North American sizing systems for lingerie, including US sizing. However, it is important to note that bra labels often mention European and French sizes in addition to American sizes. It is therefore essential to make a choice and to remain consistent in the size system you use, especially if you plan to try your alternative size.

If you have any questions about bra sizes or if you are planning to buy your first bra, do not hesitate to visit the nearest Marie Jo partner store. Our lingerie stylists will be happy to help you find the size and model of bra that suits you best.

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