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sophistication, innovation and sensuality

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Born in the 1950s, LISE CHARMEL is a French lingerie brand and is unquestionably the benchmark for luxury lingerie. This Fashion House specializing in Haute Couture offers original and refined creations each season, made in France in quality materials.
Silks, Calais lace and guipures combine with dazzling, delicate or timeless colors to satisfy the desires of all women.

Swimwear creations combining corsetry expertise and summery elegance

On the strength of her know-how as a corset-maker, LISE CHARMEL offers swimwear and beachwear items that feature all the technicality, support and comfort developed by the House in terms of lingerie. Graphic, exotic, plain or with exclusive patterns, LISE CHARMEL swimsuits stand out each summer for the modernity of their colours, patterns and cuts. Available up to a G cup, they ensure a perfect fit for an enhanced silhouette on the beach.


With each new season, ANTIGEL creates irresistibly attractive sets in pastel or flashy colours, with original patterns and ultra-comfortable materials. A zen day, a romantic day, an irresistible day: every woman can find her happiness in the young and mischievous creations of ANTIGEL.

Bold and feminine swimwear collections for a chic and relaxed style on the beach

Every summer, ANTIGEL offers swimwear collections full of femininity, spontaneity and audacity, for a chic and relaxed look on the beach. Available from cup A to cup G, its fresh and fashionable pieces ensure, depending on the lines, a flashy, sporty or chic look. Thanks to its know-how as a corset-maker, ANTIGEL offers high-quality models with exceptional support. Made in a satin knit in bi-elastic polyamide elastane, ANTIGEL swimsuits are highly resistant to chlorine, UV rays and sea water.


The brand was born, more than half a century ago, in the cradle of luxury, motivated by the constant search for beauty and extreme comfort, in the heart of Lyon's silk districts.

Immediately passionate about creating and producing the highest quality bras, custom-fitted to the most demanding customers, the Brand has developed unique know-how in the well-being of its models, from standard sizes to to larger sizes.

Thus were formed teams united around the shared values ​​of extreme professionalism, meticulous well-being and passion for sophisticated creation.

While LISE CHARMEL has become a Brand of international renown with organized distribution in more than forty countries, it is the same enthusiasm, the same enthusiasm that still drives its teams in the creation of current and future Collections.



To do this, remember to attach the clip of your bra, this avoids lace snagging and use a washing bag (or a pillowcase), in which you place your lingerie in order to avoid snagging. with other clothes or the drum. Your lingerie is now ready to go in the washing machine, a little reminder: separate the colors from black and white (you can never be too careful), and apply a washing program at low temperature (30° maximum).

After a soft and delicate washing of your lingerie, dry it on a drying rack, avoiding the use of clothes pegs if possible, this will avoid marking your adornment. Never use the dryer, the heat and the drum of it will risk deforming it.

Ideally, you should wash lingerie after wearing it for a day. We strongly advise you to wash your lingerie by hand.

Delicate lace and embroidery will last longer if washed by hand. Fill a tub with lukewarm water (max. 30°C) and detergent, and immerse the lingerie in it several times.

Be sure to keep the lingerie moving. Do not twist it, do not rub it. Rinse it with lukewarm clear water (max. 30°C) until all the detergent is removed.

Never put the lingerie in the dryer, but let it dry hanging in the open air. Lingerie can be dried flat on a towel, or hung on a drying rack.

Always hang the bra in the middle so it can dry evenly. Never put lingerie on a heat source. Simply store the lingerie once completely dry.

Lingerie should not be ironed.

To take care of your swimsuit, Lise Charmel advises you to rinse it with fresh water after each use, this precaution allows you to remove any residue of salt or chlorine which tends to tarnish the pretty colors of our swimsuits. bath.

Your swimsuit should be washed by hand and in lukewarm water without rubbing the garment in order to preserve the elastane of your material, the machine is to be avoided, a drum cycle is too violent for materials such as lycra (used for manufacture of swimsuits), which may relax and lose support.
You can use a mild soap for better cleaning.

Once the jersey has been thoroughly washed (or rinsed), dry it so that it is ready for its next use. To do this, lay it flat if possible or on a drying rack without using clothes pegs which may mark your swimsuit and create creases.

In order to preserve the colors of your jersey as much as possible, do not dry it in direct sunlight, UV rays have a bad habit of lightening the colors of clothing when they are too exposed.

All beautiful, all clean. To your shirts!

To store your bras efficiently, be sure to close the hooks at the back and place them next to each other, straight and in the same direction. It is recommended to avoid folding and turning the cups inside out in order to preserve the elasticity of the fabrics and maintain their shape.

Over time, even top quality bras can lose their elasticity. It is therefore recommended that you replace your items every 6 to 12 months, depending on how often you wear them and how well they are cared for. Another tip is to alternate the use of your favorite bras to prolong their lifespan.


A properly fitted bra is distinguished by cups of the right size, which are large enough to comfortably contain and support the bust. The support band on the back should also be the right size and stay straight. The straps should fit appropriately, not dig into the shoulders and stay in place throughout the day.

To determine your bra band size, stand up straight and use a soft tape measure. Place the tape under your chest, making sure it is snug and close to the body.

Next, measure your bust size by taking the fullest part of your chest. To get a more accurate measurement, it is recommended to wear an unpadded bra (avoid push-up type bras).

Once you have these measurements, consult the size chart available on our website. Specific sizing information can be found on the page of the item you wish to purchase. Please note that size conversions may vary slightly depending on style and fit preference.

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to come to the store where our specialists will be there to advise you and help you choose the right size.

When choosing a bra with a waist size that is too large, the mistake often made is to tighten the straps as much as possible. By doing this, your bra goes up at the back, because your straps are much too tight. As a result, more pressure is put on your shoulders, which creates discomfort.

It could be a sign that your bra is not the right size for you. It would therefore be recommended to go to the store for an accurate measurement, in order to find the size that suits you perfectly. By visiting our store, we can offer you a personalized fit to find the perfect bra for you.

If your straps are constantly slipping off your shoulders, your shoulders may not be wide enough for your bra straps. It's also possible that your bra doesn't fit properly in terms of size.

One solution to this would be to opt for bras with a “chimney” type back and go to a store for a proper fit.


Lise Charmel uses quality materials to create lingerie collections that are as comfortable as they are feminine. Discover below the materials offered by the brand as well as their characteristics so that all their advantages have no more secrets for you.


Calais lace is an openwork fabric made by weaving threads, this woven lace offers an unlimited variety of designs with games of transparency and opacity. It is made on old looms that reproduce the original gestures of the lacemaker. This lace is extremely qualitative, inimitable and unequaled in other techniques.
Its delicacy and great finesse allow perfect invisibility under clothing.
Bet on authentic luxury lace lingerie!


Embroidery is a unique know-how in France, which is envied by many countries. Embroidery is a technique that consists of sewing threads of different colors onto a material to create a pattern. Lise Charmel's embroideries guarantee the quality of a high-definition design that is perfectly resistant to wear.


The guipure is an embroidery without bottom allowing to have openwork. The production technique is therefore identical to embroidery, however the threads are sewn on a cellulosic support which disappears with water, which allows the openwork of this material and a magnificent tattoo effect when worn. This process brings a sublime game of transparency, and an incomparable relief of the drawings.


Underwear made from microfibers are renowned for their comfort. Microfiber is a very fine and light textile fiber. This material is used for sports underwear because they have the advantage of allowing perspiration to evaporate. Microfiber gives our lingerie remarkable properties such as: softness, lightness and comfort.


Silk: a luxurious material with exceptional natural properties. Silk is a light, fluid, sensual and delicate material. It is a natural protein fiber of animal origin, the silk thread is woven using the satin manufacturing technique in order to obtain a silk fabric. Its strong insulating power makes it essential in the world of lingerie to offer women lingerie and babydolls that keep you warm when it's cold and cool in the middle of summer. Silk is a quality material thanks to its softness, shine, finesse and delicacy.


Viscose is a synthetic fiber made from cellulose. It is considered one of the oldest synthetic fibers and is often used for clothing. Viscose is breathable, absorbent and particularly soft on the skin, making it very pleasant to wear. Viscose is: the look of cotton, the softness of silk.


Cotton is the material of excellence that combines comfort, warmth and softness.
It is the most used natural textile fiber in the world, it comes from cotton. The qualities of this material are multiple: it is a fiber that is flexible, soft and comfortable. It is also a hypoallergenic material with superb insulating power. Ideal for being warm even in lingerie.


A mesh is an interlacing of threads folded into loops, it is made on knitting looms. The mesh used in lingerie is very fine and very tight for a smooth look. This process offers an invisible second skin effect under clothing. The perfect lingerie for an active and sporty woman.

To design high-end lingerie, it is not enough to create elegant sets with the perfect fit. We must also make sustainable and responsible choices, and invest in the best quality materials. We are very proud to be able to promise our customers creations that will accompany them throughout their lives. This commitment is like a challenge that we have launched to ourselves in order to continue to improve ourselves every day.

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