6 étapes pour voir si vous portez un soutien-gorge qui est bien ajusté pour votre corps et poitrine

6 steps to see if you're wearing a bra that's right for your body and chest

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Many women often wear the wrong bra size, which can lead to various problems during fittings. Prima Donna have decided to provide you with valuable assistance. A well-fitting bra can have an incredible impact on your posture, appearance, and self-confidence. Especially for generous breasts, perfectly adapted lingerie offers you unparalleled comfort and boosts your self-esteem. Wondering what your ideal bra size is? Find out using Prima Donna's exclusive checklist!
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1. The back

It may seem illogical to you at first glance, but it's the back of your bra that supports your breasts the most. It carries up to 80% of the weight of your breasts. If you wear a larger cup size, so it is important that the back is sufficiently firm and that it fits well horizontally around your bust . If the back goes up, the chest circumference you wear is too big. If your bra is too tight, try a larger bust size.

Tip : Attach your bra at the back to the hooks in the middle and try to fit three fingers between the band and your back. Are you getting there? And the band, is it horizontal? Then you are wearing the right chest size! To check that it is not too wide, raise your arms above your head. If your bra sits well below your breasts, your back is quite tight. If it goes up, the back is too wide.

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2. Underwires

The underwires of your bra should lie flat on your ribs , without putting pressure on them. Take the test: if the underwires return to their initial position when you press on them, your cups are surely too small. Also check that the underwiring covers your entire chest well. Of course, if they pierce the fabric and injure you, you absolutely have to change your bra.

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3. Between the cups

In jargon, the part that connects the cups of your bra to each other is called the cleavage. If you're wearing the correct size bra, this part should lie flat against your breastbone . If not, and the underwires are receding outward, try a different fit bra that better matches the shape or position of your breasts, or go for a size larger cap.

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4. Beanies

The fit of your bra cups is critical to your comfort and appearance. To find out if you are wearing the right size, check if your breasts fill your cups well, without overflowing . If your bust sticks out on top or to the side, try a larger cup but the same bust size. If the tops of the cups don't fit well or have creases, then try a smaller cup or a different fit.

Also check that the fabric of the cups offers sufficient support. If the fabric is already too tight, it will end up not supporting your chest properly. That is why Prima Donna bras are always lined or padded with a sturdy foam that lifts and centers the chest. They thus create a nicely round curve.

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5. Braces

Do you tend to tighten your straps more to lift your chest? Bad idea ! Straps that are too tight hurt the skin and affect your comfort. In the long run, they could even hurt you and sag your shoulders. That's why the straps of PrimaDonna bras are made of ultra-soft materials. By the way, did you know that your bra straps only provide 10% of total support? Indeed, it is mainly the back and between the cups that absorb the pressure.

Advice : adjust the shoulder straps so that you can fit two fingers between your shoulders and the shoulder straps.

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6. How do you feel in your bra?

Last but not least: how do you feel when you wear your bra? Even if the size is perfect, the fit might not suit you — this feeling is purely personal . You may feel more comfortable in a bra that covers more of your bust, or maybe you prefer flirty cuts and lighter fabrics. In this respect, trying on lingerie is somewhat comparable to trying on shoes. It's not just about finding the right size, but also the fit, material and, of course, the style you like.


Discover the perfect fit

How do women react when they try on a PrimaDonna bra that fits perfectly for the first time?

Size difference

We often notice in our fitting rooms that the PrimaDonna Twist bras fit smaller than the PrimaDonna models.

You know your PrimaDonna size , but you fell in love with a model from the PrimaDonna Twist collection? Consider taking a larger cup size .

If conversely, you are a regular at PrimaDonna Twist but a beautiful PrimaDonna set catches your eye, opt for a smaller cup size . As for your chest circumference, you can keep the same.

Is this your first PrimaDonna or PrimaDonna Twist bra? Keep your usual bra size for PrimaDonna Twist. If you are interested in a PrimaDonna model, take a cup size below your usual size. As for your chest circumference, you can keep the same.

Size charts


inches cm UK sizes EU sizes FR sizes
29-30 63-67 30 65 80
31-32 68-72 32 70 85
33-34 73-77 34 75 90
35-36 78-82 36 80 95
37-38 83-87 38 85 100
39-40 88-92 40 90 105
41-42 93-97 42 95 110
43-44 98-102 44 100 115
45-46 103-107 46 105 120

Conversion chart for briefs and swimsuits

UK 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
US 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52

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