Découvrez votre taille alternative de soutien-gorge pour un meilleur ajustement

Find out your alternative bra size for a better fit

4 reasons that demonstrate the importance of a quality bra Reading Find out your alternative bra size for a better fit 4 minutes

Do you know your alternative bra size? Yes, your bra size is an alternate size. Do you know what it is ? What is it really for? And above all... do you know yours? Alternate sizing comes in handy when your favorite bra isn't available in your usual size, or when certain styles fit slightly differently than your favorite. It is therefore important to discover your alternative sizes quickly and easily in order to always wear the bra that suits you!

Alternative sizes: understanding your bra size

The right size bra is essential for your comfort, figure, appearance and more. However, this assumes you are wearing the correct size bra. To better understand the importance of bra sizes, let's start by explaining how they work. A bra size consists of two elements:

  1. A number: it corresponds to your chest circumference, measured just below your breasts.

  2. A letter: it represents the cup size.

Cup size is the difference between your bust measurement (the circumference measured just below your breasts) and your waist measurement (circumference measured at the most protruding part of your breasts). This letter does not represent an absolute volume, but it is proportional to your chest measurement. Thus, the cup size varies when the size of your bust size is larger or smaller. For example, a woman wearing 75D may have a smaller chest than a woman wearing 90C.

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Alternative sizes: how to calculate them?

No need for a calculator, the principle is very simple, but it only applies to bras with padded cups. If you increase your bust size, you must decrease the cup size. Here are two examples:

  • If you are 80C, your alternate sizes are 75D and 85B.

  • If you are 95D, your alternate sizes are 90E and 100C.

The main advantage of this calculation is that if your usual bra size is not available, you can always opt for one of the alternative sizes. However, please note that this tip only works for bras with padded cups and it's important to stay within the same sizing system, as UK, EU and US sizing is not the same.

Alternative sizes: a practical tip

It is undeniable that the alternative sizes are very practical. However, it is always best to focus on your ideal bra size. Every woman has one ideal bra size. If your new bra style is slightly larger or tighter than usual, you may want to consider switching to one of your alternate sizes in this case. However, it is advisable to always find your ideal size first.


In conclusion, knowing your alternative bra size is a valuable asset for women concerned about their comfort and their appearance. When your favorite model is not available in your usual size or you want to try a slightly different fit, the alternative sizes allow you to find a suitable bra.

By understanding how cup sizes work and using the simple rule to calculate your alternate sizes, you can be sure you'll always find a bra that fits you perfectly. However, keep in mind that it's best to go with your ideal bra size and use alternate sizes only when necessary. Take care to choose bras with padded cups and be sure to stay within the same sizing system for best results.

By using these practical tips, you can enjoy optimal comfort and enhance your figure with the right bra for you.

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